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Sustainability &
Social Responsibility

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Hotel Alpenland in St. Johann im Pongau

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Sustainable behaviour and social responsibility enjoy the highest priority in our hotel. We feature social projects like, for instance, “Die Blaue Friedensherde”.

We also bank on renewable energy. In the underground parking garage there are 2 charging stations (Type 2) to charge EV`s provided. In addition to that, we offer a bikeroom for our guests to use to store and charge E-Bike’s (Schuko), and we do have E-Bikes for rent available too.

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Blauschafe im Restaurant

socially responsible

The “Blaue Friedensherde”

Everybody is equal and everybody is important. With their special appearance, the blue sheep offer the opportunity to reflect on the human connections and a peaceful coexistence between mankind. No matter the ethnic, religious or cultural differences between us. The illusion of a peacefully gracing herd of sheep becomes a symbol of togetherness. It appeals to social responsibility and tolerance.

Blauschafe in der Pongauer Stube

Why are the sheep blue?

The color blue represents togetherness. It is the color of the European Union, the United Nations, as well as the UNESCO and UNICEF. The European Peace Movement has also adopted the color blue as theirs. Hence blue is the ideal color for the “Blaue Friedensherde”.

The European Parlament is the patron of the “Blaue Friedensherde”

From 2009 to 2012, Jerzey Buzek was president of the European Union. It was under his presidency that the “Blaue Friedensherde” came under the patronage of the European Parlaments in Strassbourg and Brussels.

Blauschaf im Grünen
Blauschaf auf Klavier

Start „OPEN 12“ in Venice, Italy

With an art installation at the Lido in Venice, Italy the project started in 2009. After a large exhibition on San Marcos Square the exhibition started its tour through all major cities of Europe. It also visited international peace conferences, worldwide. Especially today and in the future, values like, inclusivity, tolerance and appreciation, as well as peaceful coexistence, are more important than ever before.

The “Blaue Friedensherde” at Alpenland St. Johann

We invite you, yes we urge you, to visit the “Blaue Friedensherde” at the Hotel Alpenland St. Johann. Touch them, pet them and get inspired by the peaceful and relaxed blue sheep. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy the surroundings at the Hotel Alpenland, together with the members of the “Blaue Friedensherde”.

Blauschafe vor Kamin
Blaufschafe in der Stube

The people behind the “Blaue Friedensherde”

The artist Bertamaria Reetz is leading the project. German painter and sculpture, Käthe Kollowiz, who died 1945, is the rolemodel of Ms. Reetz. She always took a clear stance against war, hunger, inequality and social problems. Bertamaria Reetz life is filled with modern art and social engagement. Together with the Köllner Werkstätten, Ms. Reetz works at the Knechtseden monestary between Cologne and Dusseldorf in Germany. The Kölner Werkstätten are a social organization for disabled people and also offers housing and care assistance to senoir citizens.