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Ski Touring

Skitouren-Spuren ziehen im Tiefschnee
Skitour-Genuss in der Natur St. Johanns
Skitour-Erlebnis in Alpendorf
Skitour-Aufstieg im Wald
Skitouren-Spuren in Tiefschnee
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Ski Touring in the Mountains of Austria

Ski Touring

It is pure Relaxation. Words are completely inadequate to describe Ski Touring in the Mountains of Salzburg. The serenity and peace of the surrounding peaks are soothing to body and soul. Our team is eager to suggest various tours and is happy to book a guide for you. Afford yourself the ultimate break from reality and the genious opportunity to decelerate your life. Stay calm and recharge your batteries.

There is hardly anything cooler than the quiet places and breathtaking mountains in close proximity to our hotel. AAAAS WELL easy ski tours for beginners, AS challenging ski tours for experienced mountanieers. Our hills offer every option available to avid lovers of ski touring. Afford yourself special moments … afford yourself to discover the beauty of the mountains strapped to skis.

Skitour-Abfahrt im Powder
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Skitouren gehen in der unberührten Natur