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“Close your eyes, enjoy the soothing massage techniques and escape the stress factors of everyday life. Do you already feel how your energy reserves are recharging?” JASON MÜLLER masseur & kinesiologist


Facial and Head Massage

Relieves the stress of every-day life and enhances your well-being while relieving tension.

€ 49 (25 min.)

Partial Body Massage

This classical massage for back and legs relieves muscular tensions and enhances your circulation.

€ 49 (25 min.)

Sport Massage

This strong and deep tissue massage ensures fast and sustained muscular recouperation.

€ 49 (25 min.)

Full Body Massage

Intensive massage techniques encourage muscular relaxation and will make you feel comfortable. Please feel free to discuss your personal preferences and needs with your massage therapist.

€ 79 (45 min.)

Aroma Oil Massage „Rain Drop“

The aroma massage is a very special treatment. The active substances of the essential oils are absorbed by the body. Through their special characteristics the essential oils used assist the relaxing effect. A aroma-massage is a very special physical and spiritual experience.

€ 89 (60 min.)

Meridian Recovery Massage

A special combination of classic massage techniques, acupressure and foot reflexology acts holistically relaxing and enables the regeneration of your body.Using pure coconut oil with an intensive massage of your head lets the last trace of every-day stress leave you.

€ 89 (60 min.)

Hot Stone Massage

Classic massage techniques, combined with warm lava-stones and scented essential oils ensure you will experience a feeling of rejuvenation and deep relaxation.Your body is awakened, filling you with new energy: a holistic massage for everyone wanting to recharge one’s batteries.

€ 95 (60 min.)

Tissue Massage

Using the fingertips the therapist will massage the tissue under your skin, using pushing and caressing movements.

€ 39 (25 min.)

Manual Lymph Drainage

The manual lymph drainage (ML or MLD) is a form of a physical therapy and part of the complex physical decongestive therapie (KPE) to treat lymphedema. Its application is used broadly.

€ 45 (30 min.)

Herbal Stamp Massage

A wellness massage utilizing herbal stamps. Herbal stamps are cloth bags filled with herbal extracts, fruit and / or spices. Before being used during the herbal stamp massage, those herbal stamps are heated in hot herbal oil or steam.

€ 69 (45 min.)

Take your Time Deluxe

The journey starts at your feet, leading via moving and mobilizing of the joints to an intensive muscular massage using a variety of essential oils in a relaxed athmosphere. The treatment concludes with hot tissues being placed on your shoulders and your back to start a deep relaxation after the massage. Take your time and enjoy the journey.

€ 95 (90 min.)

Dorn Breuss Massage

The Dorn and the Breuss massages are two outstanding self-healing options for problems concerning your back, spine, joints, and all other parts of the body connected directly or indirectly with the spine.

€ 85 (60 min.)

Foot Reflexology Massage

Every organ of our body has a dedicated zone located at your feet. With targeted pressure applied to certain points at the feet bodily disharmony is relieved and balance within the body is reestablished.

€ 35 (25 min.) | € 45 (40 min.)



Lomi Hapai Massage

The Lomi Hapai massage is a special technique for pregnant women starting at the 14th week of the pregnancy. Traditional, age-old hawaiian wisdom of relaxation and attentiveness is used with this massage during pregnancy. Through gently caressing your body this art of touch transmitts a deep feeling of security and supports your baby’s and your relaxation and comfort.

€ 129 (60 min.)

Massage for Expecting Women

Equally relaxing for mother and baby. Deposits of fluids and pain of the back, the joints and the legs will be relieved.

€ 39 (25 min.) | € 49 (40 min.)

Please verify with your gynecologist that you can receive massage treatments during pregnancy. Usually it is recommended that
massage treatments are only given after week 14 of a pregnancy.



Treatment of Scar Tissue and Surpression

A targeted treatment of scars is an essential part of the post-surgical phase after suture removal, to avoid the development of developing bulging scar tissue. The skin is made up of a collagene network. Through its destruction the surface is replaced by inferior tissue rich with fibres. This can lead to the underlying tissue connecting with the scar tissue, which can lead to complications (restriction of movment, pain). With a targeted treatment of scar tissue, right after removal of the suture, such impairments can be avoided.

€ 29 (20 min.)

Light Therapy – 7 Chakras

To balance the chakras is a great solution for a dominant chakra. Chakras play an essential role in subtle substances. Therefore they are responsible for your health and well-being.

€ 59 (60 min.)



Massage therapist & kinesiologist

Opening blockades within your body and reaching your full potential in movement is what a massage can do for you.Treating you with an alert mind and a hightend sense of feeling he is able to awaken your self-healing powers for a sustained physical improvement.

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