Safe holidays

Our restaurants myDelight und myPongauer Stube

We attach great importance to ensure that you can fully enjoy your holiday, even during this challenging time and that we give you a sense of safety during your stay as much as possible. Holidays should be free of anxieties and worries, which is why we have taken comprehensive measures that should have a positive impact on your well-being and your holiday experience at the Alpenland St. Johann.

  • Mouth and nose must be covered by a mask throughout the hotel.
  • Wash and sanitize your hands regularly, you will find sanitizing stands throughout the hotel.
  • Keep at last 1 meter distance from other people (except for co-travelers and people living in the same household)

Our restaurants myDelight und myPongauer Stube

  • It is still possible, that we can offer you breakfast in form of a buffet. While you are at the buffet, face protection must be worn.
  • There are also single use gloves at your disposal.
  • The privacy of our guests is very important to us, the distances between our tables already met the current minimum distance of 1 meter before COVID-19. So, nothing has changed for you here.
  • In our kitchen, as ever, we cook with great care, love and passion for you. Workplaces and equipment are disinfected regularly.


  • In the compliance with the minimum of 1 meter to our fellow human beings (except co-travelers and people from the same household), we can open our myTime wellness area.
  • We ask you to wear face protection when entering and leaving our myTime wellness area. As soon as you are in the wet area (swimming pool or sauna area), you can take it off.
  • Our pool and whirlpool are cleaned according to strict regulations. Transmission of the COVID-19 virus through bathing water is extremely low. We ask you to strictly adhere to the distance regulation due to our health and our well-being.
  • Also, in the Finnish sauna, infrared sauna and steam bath we ask you to take care of your fellow human beings and to keep the necessary distance of 1 meter.

We must cope with the new circumstances, even though it is becoming more and more difficult and laborious.
We look forward to welcome you with a smile (of course also with a facemask on) at the Alpenland St. Johann.