Relax while staying active at the Alpenland St. Johann

Let the Relaxing begin…

We offer a wide variety of aerobic activities, which even includes an aqua gym fitness class in our beautiful indoor pool. You may also enjoy a guided hike or a bike ride to one of the many sights in the area. Variety and fun are guaranteed at The Alpenland St. Johann.

The activities are coordinated by one of our fitness instructors and beginners will have just as much fun as experts.

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Choose from our wide offerings:

  • Aqua Gym
    Aqua fitness is targeting the entire body. It is offered in chest-high water, as well as in deeper waters. Strength, Flexibility, and Endurance are increased through the excercises. Also it is a great way to relax.
  • Dance Aerobic
    An advanced form of aerobic with dance-like elements from Jazz and Funk.
  • Step and Abdomin
    Step Aerobic is a simple and prove way to strengthen the cardiovascular system and burn calories. In addition we target the abdominal area and strengthen the muscles.
  • Body Shape
    A modern interpretation of forms of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi.
  • Guided Hikes
    Together with your guide you will explore the surrounding mountains. The trails can be used by inexperienced hikers too, but we suggest that you wear proper attire and shoes, as those make the hike even more fun.
  • E-Mountain Bike Tour
    Learn to ride an e-mountain bike. Your guide will explain the ins and outs, as well as lead you on a 4 hour tour oft he surrounding mountain trails. Unique vistas and experiences await you with this easy and simple way to get in shape.
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Look forward to effective training, group sessions, and countless tipps and tricks from our experienced trainer staff. One thing is guaranteed: FUN!